The True Story of "Albert Marco" a Baby from Ubuntu House..............

"It started in March 2006 shortly after I was born. My birth mother wrapped me in a blanket and left me in the veld to die. I do not know why she did this. I was cold and hungry; some big ants were eating the flesh of my face, and I cried and cried. I must have prayed and thank God, someone heard me as he passed by, pick me up, and took me to the nearest Police station.

The Police phoned the hospital to fetch me and clean me up. I stayed at the hospital for 12 days but they could not trace my mother. Than on the 13th day the social worker took me to Ubuntu House where I lived happily with my newfound family waiting for my forever mommy and daddy to fetch me someday soon. The hospital gave me a new identity, as I had no name or surname. I will have the scars on my face but peace in my heart as they all at Ubuntu House loved me.

Today, nine years later, I live with my "Forever" parents in our own home overseas. Was it not for a place like Ubuntu what would have happened to me?"

More and more houses are required to accommodate all the unwanted babies and orphans and this is where you can help.

Little Amber came to us in November 2007. She was born with only one eye and blind in the other. Her grandfather is also her father as he raped her 14 year old mother. Here at Ubuntu we loved and cared for her and for better care she was at a special needs home until she was placed with her "Forever Parents".

Let us tell you more about Ubuntu House and what it stands for: We are part of the uMephi project of the AFM Executive Welfare Council and are a safe haven / halfway home for newborn babies, given up by their mothers, mostly saved from abortions and rejection due to HIV or abandoned.

Since the opening of the house in September 2003, we already cared for 528 babies and placed 425 with adopted parents and some reunited with their birth mothers. Our aim is to have these babies adopted before the age of six months but sometimes for various reasons they stay for longer periods. We rely a lot on Organizations like Yours and Business People to help us in our financial needs to look after these little babies and to find suitable homes and parents for them.

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