Rules for Volunteers

We had some changes in our Volunteer program with the Covid-19 pandemic in mind. Please download the Volunteer application forms from our website and complete them. The affidavit must be signed at a Commissioner of Oath or a police station. Please take a clear copy of your ID / Passport for them to certify. Once completed and certified, download and sign form 30 and deliver all or mail to us at Our coordinator, Johanna, will then be in touch to arrange visiting times.

Please take note of the following Rules for volunteering:

In terms of the sexual offense act and the Children's Act, act 38 or 2005:
  1. Complete the application form and answer all the questions
  2. Complete the affidavit in full and sign in front of a Commissioner of Oaths
  3. Include a certified copy of your ID
  4. A volunteer must be 18 years and older
  5. No children under 13 will be allowed into the baby room & no children under 16 to handle babies without adult supervision
  6. No photos may be taken of babies by means of a camera or cellphone
  7. The baby room is under constant CCTV
  8. All our babies are already matched with adopted parents and just wait on the legal and medical process to be finalised
  9. Volunteers may NOT question the staff on any issues concerning the babies and their work. It is highly confidential
  10. It is advisable for volunteers to attend our training course (Dates will be advised. You can start volunteering when forms are completed and do the course at a later stage as it is only done every quarter)

CLICK HERE to download your volunteer forms
CLICK HERE to open and download Form 30 (right-click to save the form)


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